Religious Liberty

Our department has historically been very involved with representation before governments, congresses and all kinds of decision-making assemblies, in an effort to make sure that religious freedom is guaranteed to everyone and everywhere, as well as trying to prevent violations from occurring. In this way, the department of religious liberty demonstrates the true Christian character, thus serving as an effective means to remove prejudices against us.



Represent the Church before governments, other religions and other National and International organizations, maintaining good relations to monitor and interpret recent events that may reflect prophetic scenarios. In this way we will be able to assist the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who are discriminated against or persecuted for practicing their beliefs, around the world.



Act as the point of contact with governments on general matters and foster a clearer understanding of the Christian’s obligations before God and government. In this way the Church will be informed about significant changes in the religious and political world that impact religious freedom and conscience.



Take positive action to protect and promote religious freedom as a fundamental human right. This includes freedom of conscience and belief, freedom of worship, and freedom for unrestricted Church activities.

  1. Maintain and improve public relations with Government entities and public institutions, to publicize a positive image of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  2. Continue with the education of the brotherhood on religious freedom, through participation in congresses, fairs, literature, seminars and public relations.
  3. Promote and maintain religious freedom, with a particular emphasis on freedom of conscience.
  4. Appoint the Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, in each local church.
  5. Establish the “Ambassadors of the Church” plan, and manage to train members.